Volume: 33
Issue: 4

Date of issue: 2006

- 601 pages: 591

Traumatic acid – trans-2-dodecenedioic acid – is synthesized in plant tissues from polyunsa- turated...

- 620 pages: 603

Blood platelets, enucleate cells derived from megakaryocytes, play an essential role in haemo- stasis...

- 666 pages: 657

The sub-family of the P-type ATPases superfamily, P 1B -ATPases, comprises primary metal transporters...

- 681 pages: 667

The population of stem/progenitor cells was selected from human cord blood non-hematopo- ietic (CD34 and...

- 719 pages: 697

Nucleotide excision repair (NER) is one of the main cellular reaction to DNA damage, contribu- ting to...

- 751 pages: 737

Our understanding of the evolution of DNA content in angiosperm plants has improved in recent years....


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