Participation acidic phosphate phosphatases in the economy of plant cells

Acid phosphatase ( EC ) are a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of ester variety of orthophosphate . Are commonly found in plant cells , and animal . Among the acid phosphatase distinguish several groups of enzymes with diverse substrate specificity and cellular location . Phosphatase showing a high substrate specificity have been relatively well described and their function in metabolic processes is unknown, while the role of non-specific acid phosphatase has not been fully understood.


Plants have evolved various strategies to cope with common in nature phosphorus deficiency. Efficient inorganic phosphate (Pi) acquisition and distribution system within the plant and between cellular compartments is the most important of them. Amount and variety of transporters involved in this process indicates the complicity of Pi transport system in plants. In this work membrane transporters involved in Pi acquisition from soil (Pht1), Pi transport from root to shoot (Pht2) are characterized. Some proteins which seem to take part, or regulate this process, are also described.

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