Preliminary assessment of the possible use of hematopoietic stem cells obtained from different donor umbilical cord blood transplantation for simultaneous Adult Recipients

The primary disadvantage of cord blood as a source of cells for transplantation , the number of cells is small , usually less than 1 billion times, allowing operation only in children under 30 kg , while the majority of recipients has a larger weight. Hence the idea of simultaneous use of several units of cord blood , which together are designed to provide a sufficient number of cells for transplantation to an adult recipient. The bottom line is that the immune cells in cord blood , as young cells should not be able to cross- reactions against each other.

Jaw Bone Augmentation using autologous bone marrow hematopoietic stem cells and platelets: Fractal Analysis of X-ray

The problem of bone tissue augmentation within the jaws is particularly important in terms IMPLANTOLOGY prosthetic rehabilitation , in the absence of sufficient amount needed for bone fixation of dental implants . In recent years, tissue engineering has been proposed methodology allows for the reconstruction of the vertical and horizontal alveolar and alveolar parts of the jaws.

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