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Shoot apical meristem has two principal functions : the creation of self- and lateral buds organs , such as leaves and stems fillet . These functions are closely associated with zones cytohistologicznymi meristem . The central zone , which is engaged in samoodtwarzanie meristem , in Arabidopsis thaliana is characterized by the expression of the gene family clavata and WUSCHEL . Create organ primordia occurs in the lateral peripheral zone . Located below the central zone meristem Pole involved in the formation of the stem. CLV signal transduction disorder - WUS may lead to two different phenotypic effects . In the absence of activity of one of the genes CLV takes excessive proliferation of cells of the central zone and the larger size of meristem . However, in the absence of WUS gene activity , after preparation of some primordial pool meristem cells is almost completely consumed . Early growth inhibition effect was also detected meristem plant with nadekspresjąCLV3 . Studies in recent several years and often showed a significant direct impact on the products of other genes and gene expression WUSCHEL clavata , and thus the regulation of self meristem . Subject to specific regulation of gene expression of WUS . ULTRAPETALA gene products , Hanab ram and agamous inhibit the expression , while splayed and Stimpy - activated . Most of these products are transcription factors . Experiments with laser ablation zone shoot apical meristem central tomato ( Lycopersicon esculentum ) showed that the cells surrounding the central zone is capable of inducible expression of the WUS gene into Arabidopsis ortologicznego . Thanks meristem restores the central zone in the peripheral zone and becomes able to continue functioning . Research on the genetic control of apical meristem functioning of momentum are carried out not only in Arabidopsis thaliana , but also Oryza sativa and Zea mays - for monocot species for which orthologous genes described to AtCLV lubAtWUS .
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