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Stimulation of ovulation is a very important step in the whole process of infertility treatment . The primary objective is to obtain one or more normal oocytes. The effects of treatment may be dependent on many different factors. The most frequently mentioned , and whose importance for the results of stimulation is still under discussion , please obesity and age. Obesity can be a symptom of an existing endocrinopathies ( PCO syndrome ) or inadequate nutrition. In obese women are more often observed ovulation disorders associated with the secretion , transport and metabolism of hormones. Obesity itself is not the only causal factor infertility and ovulation disorders . Many obese women have regular cycles of ovulation and become pregnant . It is important to body fat distribution . Obesity type androidal positively correlated with menstrual disorders , impair fertility . After 35 years of life quite significantly reduces the fertility of women . The results of the work on the stimulation of ovulation in women around the age of 40 are not clear . Some authors suggest that age has an impact on the results of stimulation and the number of retrieved oocytes, others do not see such a relationship . You may play a role , other factors not under examination . In some works scrolls opinion that the effects are more dependent stimulation of biological age than chronological . It seems that in each case carefully assess the general condition of women , make an initial assessment of the response to stimulation and to assess the chance of pregnancy .

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