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Jasmonic acid (JA ) and its methyl ester (JA -Me) are the most well-known representative of the new regulators of growth and development of plants called jasmonides . The presence of these compounds found in the seeds of many plant species , most of jasmonates identification was carried out in the seeds of plants belonging to the family Leguminosae . The content of these compounds in the seeds is 10 ? 100 ng goose 1 fresh weight. Effect of seed jasmonates depends on their physiological state ; They stimulate the germination of dormant and inhibit seed germination is not located in a deep rest . I have a stimulating effect on seed germination characterized by deep dormancy and changes in endogenous JA content during stratification of the seeds implicate endogenous jasmonates in the regulation of dormancy in seeds. The data show that it is associated with stimulation of lipase activity of acid and alkaline enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of lipid reserve substances necessary for the growth of the embryo. Knowledge concerning the participation of jasmonates in the regulation of seed germination were not in deep repose based solely on the study of the effect of exogenous JA-Me on the process. Inhibition of seed germination of Amaranthus caudatus induced JA-Me turns exogenous ethylene , gibberellins and cytokinins . The effect of endogenous ethylene is necessary gibberellins and cytokinins to abolish the inhibitory effect of JA-Me on germination . The seeds of Amaranthus caudatus and Xanthium pennsylvanicum JA-Me regulates the biosynthesis of ethylene; inhibits the activity and / or synthesis of ACC synthase and ACC oxidase . Probably JA-Me also participates in the control of other metabolic processes during germination of seeds , such as breathing or the mobilization of carbohydrate storage . The paper presents the current results of research regarding the participation of jasmonates in the regulation of primary dormancy and germination of seeds not in rest.
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