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Leptin, the protein product of the ob gene , is produced mainly in adipose tissue and plays an important role in the regulation of energy expenditure , appetite , body weight . Leptin receptor OB- R receptor is a class I cytokine family , and is produced in several isoforms produced by alternative splicing of the transcript. It is believed that only long-chain functional isoform of the receptor is a receptor for the protein. Leptin receptor OB- R activates the Janus kinase (JAK ) and STAT transcription factors . Initially, most studies addressing the impact of leptin on the central nervous system. However, the expression of various isoforms of the leptin receptor is not limited to the brain , the presence of receptors was found in the liver , lung , kidney , pancreas, small intestine . Leptin is a perfect example of functional pleiotropy , seems to be involved in diverse physiological processes such as energy balance , processes of reproduction and the immune system .

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