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Cytokinins are plant hormones that stimulate the division and differentiation of cells. In the last decade , genetic and molecular analysis of mutants has provided a valuable contribution to the understanding of the molecular mechanism of action of this class of hormones. In this paper summarizes the results of research to know the ingredients and the principles of perception and functioning of the cytokinin signal transduction pathway in a plant cell . Until now identified several cytokinin binding proteins : CKI1 , CRE1 , AHK2/3/4 most likely to act as receptors of these hormones and late genes encoding them . A common feature of receptors is that these proteins have histidine kinase catalytic activity . The proposed cytokinin signal transduction pathway resembles the bacterial two-component system response, and is based on the transfer of a phosphate group between protein components. Prognostic structure and function of proteins AHP , which mediate cytokinin signal transmission into the cell nucleus . It was found that the genes encoding proteins called ARR . response regulators act as early response genes , which generates the induction of plant cell responses typical of the cytokinin . Recent advances in cell cycle studies indicated that these plant hormones play a key role in regulating the cell cycle , and the mechanism is based on the induction of expression of a gene encoding a cyclin D3. Understanding how perception occurs and cytokinin signal transduction by the cell , will understand the impact of these hormones on the biochemical and physiological processes of plants.
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