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Hematopoietic stem cells are routinely used as a life-saving procedure in the clinical treatment of hematological malignancies and congenital deficiencies . Hematopoietic stem cells (HSC ) are stem cells prototype useful in clinical practice. In addition to HSC bone marrow are mesenchymal cells , which may differentiate into fibroblast -like cells . Our research shows that enrichment of the bone marrow cells with the phenotype : CD34 - CD45 - CD73 + , CD34 - CD45 - CD90 + , CD34 - CD45 - CD105 + is related to the number of CFU -F. The population of bone marrow cells developed to purify the mononuclear cells contained MSC cells meeting the criteria . Has previously been shown that bone marrow cells to the ischemic limb given result in improved circulation. Our experience is based on the observation of 10 treated patients in this way fully confirm the assumption that the bone marrow cell population has a positive effect on angiogenesis in the ischemic limbs. It remains an open question whether the tissue-specific stem cells derived pluripotent precursor cells which can be MSC or reside in the bone marrow.
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