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This paper illustrates elements of innate immunity, such as recently described natural T 2 cells (nT 2 or NHC), nuocytes, innate type 2 helper cells (Ih2), multi-potent progenitor type 2 cells (MMPtype2 cells), and IL-36 that is very similar to IL-36. Populations of these cells are involved in the development of Th2 cytokine responses and participate in course of allergic processes and in host defense against microorganisms and parasites. All four populations lack expression of surface markers characteristic for T cells, B cells, NK cells, neutrophils, macrophages and dendritic cells. These cells differ in their anatomical localization, phenotype and their function. In turn IL-36 and IL-37 are the inhibitors of innate immunity primarily through suppression of production of proinflammatory cytokines.

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Andrzej Łukaszyk - przewodniczący, Zofia Bielańska-Osuchowska, Szczepan Biliński, Mieczysław Chorąży, Aleksander Koj, Włodzimierz Korochoda, Leszek Kuźnicki, Aleksandra Stojałowska, Lech Wojtczak

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