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Acid phosphatase ( EC ) are a group of enzymes that catalyze the hydrolysis of ester variety of orthophosphate . Are commonly found in plant cells , and animal . Among the acid phosphatase distinguish several groups of enzymes with diverse substrate specificity and cellular location . Phosphatase showing a high substrate specificity have been relatively well described and their function in metabolic processes is unknown, while the role of non-specific acid phosphatase has not been fully understood. Because of the location can be identified extracellular acid phosphatases involved in the mobilization of inorganic phosphate - Pi from the substrate , and involved in the intracellular mobilization of Pi from the pool of organic phosphorus compounds in the plant cells . Non-specific acid phosphatases involved in plant responses to phosphorus deficiency , but also to water deficit , salinity, or in response of plants to pathogens . Purple acid phosphatases containing metal ions in the active center , are among the best known non-specific phosphatases . In plants, due to the molecular weight of these there are two groups of enzymes: small ( approximately 35 kDa) and a large (about 55 kDa) purple acid phosphatase . They play an important role in the release of Pi from organic plants inaccessible sources and probably involved in the removal of reactive oxygen species in aging tissues or subjected to stress . Detailed purple role of phosphatases in the plant cells is currently being intensively investigated. Phytases are highly specific phosphatases that are involved in the hydrolysis hardly degrading phytic acid (or its salt). These enzymes are involved in making up the form of phosphorus in seeds germinated , but can also be secreted by some plants and micro-organisms to the substrate. This work presents the latest news and summarizes the current state of knowledge on the diverse role of acid phosphatases , especially their participation in the economy of the phosphate plant.
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