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Previously known plant signal peptides (SCR CLAVATA3, fitosulfokina-a, systemin, ENOD40) are involved in the transmission of information between cells or organs. SCR polypeptide is recognized by the pollen ligand receptor complex epidermal nevus cells apophysary. The effect of pollen recognition response is the activation of the signaling pathway regulating the effector mechanism responsible for the hydration of pollen grains. CLAVATA3 is a small secreted polypeptide involved in the transfer of information between separate compartments phones shoot apical meristem. Fitosulfokina-a is a pentapeptide that stimulates the proliferation of cell cultures. Systemin oligopeptide is released at the site of injury over 20 plant-activating genes, whose products function in defense reactions. ENOD40 gene products involved in the regulation of cell division associated nodulation and in the differentiation of the vascular bundles.

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