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The article presents information on the recognition by cell -free hemoglobin - Hb and its complex with haptoglobin - Hb - Hp , based on the research cited in the literature in recent years. Proposed the existence of a specific receptor mediates endocytosis of Hp - Hb complex in liver parenchymal cells , by binding studies , uptake and degradation and plasma membranes isolated rat hepatocytes . It is believed that bind parenchymal cells isolated free Hb and Hp - Hb complex , but with a low melting uptake . The recently identified receptor involved in the uptake of Hp - Hb complexes , which is identical to CD163 receptor , present on the surface of tissue macrophages and monocytes isolated from the blood. Diagnosis and endocytosis of hemoglobin and haptoglobin complex with its receptor CD163/HbSR physiological function is assigned the first HbSR protein in group B scavenger receptor . In contrast, the molecular mechanism of uptake of free hemoglobin in the proximal coil is carried out with endocytic receptor and kubiliny megaliny . This paper presents in a systematic way knowledge of the structure and function of the receptor CD163/HbSR for Hb and its complex with Hp on the surface of monocytes / macrophages and receptors megaliny and kubiliny as the uptake of hemoglobin in renal proximal tubules .
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