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In recent years there has been extensive experimental evidence indicating that the nuclear expression of certain genes , in particular those that encode chloroplast proteins is subject to regulation by signals of retrograde plastid origin . This can be done both at the level of transcription and translation of mRNA . Certain plastid origin signals could be identified - these include metabolic precursor of chlorophyll plastochinonu redox state , thioredoxin and glutathione and phosphoenolpyruvate translocator located in the chloroplast inner envelope membrane . Identity plastid other signals , e.g., regulating cell differentiation and morphogenesis leaf remains unexplained . Signaling plastids - nucleus signaling and dependent on the light remain in a fairly complicated relationships , in some cases, are used for different transduction pathways , in others some of the same . Retrograde signaling is likely to be an important part of global regulatory networks that control metabolism and growth of plant cells .

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