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Connective tissue growth factor - CTGF ( connective tissue growth factor ) was discovered in 1991 by Bradhama in cultured human endothelial cells derived from umbilical vein . This protein has been isolated and identified as a potent mitogen , but the results of scientific studies in recent years indicate that CTGF is not only stimulates cell proliferation , but also possesses outstanding profibrotic properties . CTGF is a downstream mediator of TGF - ß in both normal and pathological processes of change in the connective tissue . Moreover, recent studies indicate that the majority of diseases leading to tissue fibrosis , TGF - ß is responsible rather for the induction of changes , and for maintaining fibroproliferative processes corresponding to CTGF . An important role of CTGF in the course of disease leading to tissue fibrosis also highlights the fact that the gene expression of this protein is induced not only by TGF - beta , but it can also be directly stimulated by pathogens .
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