Volume: 33
Issue: 1

Date of issue: 2006

- 158 pages: 137

Pests and plant pathogens are important reason of crops’ quality and productivity limitation. Che- mical...

- 174 pages: 159

In Arabidopsis thaliana more than 1300 genes (~5% of the proteome) encode components of the ubiquitin/...

Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2006

- 196 pages: 183

Rett syndrome (RTT) is an X-linked dominant neurodevelopmental disorder affecting almost exclusively...

- 211 pages: 197

The extracellular concentration of protons is much higher than intracellular its level. Responsi- ble...

- 227 pages: 213

Recent behavioural, anatomical and molecular studies brought a considerable progress in under- standing...

- 246 pages: 229

The visual system is now known to be composed of two anatomically and functionally distinct pathways, i....

- 255 pages: 247

In the paper five groups of factors (soluble forms of TLRs, intracellular regulators, transmem- brane...

- 272 pages: 257

Prostate cancer is the second most common malignancy in men worldwide. Early diagnosis of the disease...

- 284 pages: 273

Osteoclastogenesis – formation of polynuclear cells capable to resorb bone matrix, is tightly regulated...

- 302 pages: 285

Metallothioneins are low molecular weight, cysteine-rich, heavy-metal binding proteins. They are present...


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