Volume: 32
Issue: 4

Date of issue: 2005

- 595 pages: 593

Information about ALEKSANDRA PRZEŁĘCKA (25.XI.1920–18.09.2005)

- 602 pages: 597

Chicken egg-yolk antibodies are great, alternative to mammalian IgG, tool in research, diagnostics and...

- 632 pages: 617

Alternative splicing is defined as a process that increases the diversity of transcripts and protein...

- 646 pages: 633

Nitric oxide (NO), synthesized from L-arginine by NO synthases, is a small, diffusible, highly reactive...

- 660 pages: 647

Developing vertebrate limb is a model system frequently used to study tissue differentiation and...

- 669 pages: 661

Dental enamel is the most mineralized tissue all over the body. The enamel development begins with the...

- 678 pages: 671

The dentin formation and mineralization proceeds in the defined, matrix-mediated manner. It begins from...

- 696 pages: 679

Genetic, biochemical and cytological studies on cytosine methylation in eukaryotic orga-nisms indicate...

- 706 pages: 697

Intracellular protein destroying and impairment of their synthesis result in disturbance of cell...


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