Volume: 31
Issue: 4

Date of issue: 2004

- 662 pages: 647

DNA triplex can be formed by interaction of double-stranded sequence-specific single-stranded DNA...

- 702 pages: 681

In vertebrates, after the completion of gastrulation the rear end of the embryo, called the tail bud, is...

- 716 pages: 703

The phenomenon of multidrug resistance is a common cause of failure of cancer chemotherapy. Tested a...

- 734 pages: 717

Almost all soils has seen a steady increase in the content of heavy metals, mainly due to anthropogenic...

- 748 pages: 735

Nijmegen chromosomal instability syndrome (NBS , OMIM 251260 ) is a rare entity. The disease seems to be...

pages: 749

Membrane prolactin receptor exhibit differences in both interspecies and intra. The occurrence of...

Supplement: 22

Date of issue: 2004

- 4 pages: 3

Jubilee Professor Maria Olszewska

- 20 pages: 5

The article discusses the current views on the nature of centromeric chromatin formation neocentromerów...


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