Volume: 27
Issue: 4

Date of issue: 2000

- 526 pages: 505

Macrophages male gonad (TMf) belong to the population of non-inflammatory tissue macrophages. These...

- 568 pages: 527

In recent years, the literature distinguishes between two types of cell death. They are: accidental cell...

- 582 pages: 569

The article is a report of two international scientific conferences devoted to cell cycle control:...

- 598 pages: 583

One typical biochemical processes of programmed cell death (apoptosis) is the degradation of DNA takes...

- 608 pages: 599

The paper presents the current state of research on the 140-kD isoform of neural cell adhesion molecule...

- 622 pages: 609

Immune mechanisms of higher plants are characterized by high diversity. The consequence is sometimes in...

- 632 pages: 623

Phenomena characteristic of plant resistance are known. hypersensitivity reaction (called:...

- 657 pages: 633

Abscisic acid (ABA) is involved in many developmental processes and the plant life cycle in their...

- 658 pages: 658


- 659 pages: 659



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