Genetic instability in cancer. I. Chromosomal Instability in Cancer

Genetic instability, chromosomal or / and microsatellite is one of the characteristics of tumor cells. In tumor cells, both solid tumors and hematologic malignancies chromosomal instability expressed by the accumulation of structural and numerical aberrations of chromosomes. Chromosomal aberrations in tumors may be changes in specific, critical for the transition process, or secondary, which are the expression and at the same time cause genetic instability of cancer cells.

Micronuclei in human cells formation, content and use of diagnostic and prognostic

Micronucleus formed during mitotic cell division and present in the cytoplasm of daughter cells near the nucleus. The main mechanisms contributing to their creation are chromosome breakage and dysfunction of the mitotic apparatus. Micronuclei may contain whole chromosomes or chromatids, acentric fragments and chromatid fragments. Observed changes in the incidence of micronuclei and content depending on the disease, the aging process, and different environmental factors.

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