IRP1 protein controlling iron homeostasis in mammalian cells: regulation of its activity by iron ions and nitric oxide

Posttranscriptionally IRP1 regulates the expression of proteins involved in the maintenance of homeostasis in mammals Fe ions . IRP1 is a bifunctional protein that occurs in the cytoplasm of aconitase , an enzyme containing a catalytic [ 4Fe -4S ] ( holo - IRP1 ) or trans - regulatory protein , devoid of the center (apo - IRP1 ) . Two IRP1 activity are mutually exclusive and are inversely regulated by Fe ions contained in the LIP , the labile iron pool .

The variability of ferritin in pathological

Ferritin plays an important role in all living organisms, keeping the iron in the form of accessible and harmless. Its synthesis is tightly regulated both at the transcriptional and translational, and its expression is influenced by many factors. Maintaining the proper level of this protein is essential for the functioning of the body and is a kind of indicator of health.

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