H1 histones in plants - an unexpected features of the universal elements of the epigenetic

H1 histones in higher plants have all the typical characteristics of this class of chromatin structural proteins , as well as in animals , are found in chromatin as nieallelicznych different variants. Due to a considerably simpler construction than in the animals and a smaller number of variants , plants, Arabidopsis thaliana , in particular , are extremely convenient universal model to study the mechanisms underlying the biological function H1 organisms in complex tissue .

Lipotubuloidy - cytoplasmic domain rich in lipid bodies entwined system of microtubules, active in the synthesis of lipids

Lipotubuloidy previously been described only in śniedka ( Ornithogalum umbellatum ), as their presence was confirmed in Hematus ( Haemanthus albiflos ) . These cytoplasmic domain , which is accumulated a large number of lipid bodies braided microtubule system . Microtubules combine these individual lipid bodies , whereby lipotubuloid cell moves as one body . It is surrounded by a large area on the tonoplast , since invaginated in the vacuole of the cell.

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