Genome Reprogramming of somatic cells - an alternative to embryonic stem cells (EC)?

In view of the ethical and moral objections concerning the application for therapeutic purposes embryonic stem cells (EC) - in many laboratories began work to genome reprogramming differentiated somatic cells such as skin fibroblasts. The aim is to obtain in this way the properties of cells bypassing the EC cell of any claims of a non medical device. Description of the tests are successfully nieuwieńczonych is contained in the following text.

Embryonic stem cells and their possible use in medicine

Embryonic stem cells (ZKM) are a promising subject of research for modern science. With the potentially unlimited potential differentiation may become a dream come true modern medicine by providing enabling cells to replace any worn or damaged tissue. At the moment the key is to develop a technique that allows for control of the fate of the ZKM. The article discusses the basic properties of stem cells and techniques for the ZKM. In addition, control techniques are approximate differentiation ZKM and their potential applications in medicine.

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