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The photosynthetic light reactions are effective due to cooperation of four functional complexes of thylakoid membrane. Within the framework of this cooperation PS I mediates light-driven electron transport from plastocyjanin to ferredoxin which then reduces NADP+ to NADPH. The second function of PS I is mediating cyclic elctron flow in cooperation with cytochrome b6/f complex. PS I domain directly engaged in electron transport along with a group of proteins performing structural role comprise a PS I core. The energy necessary for electron -transporting events is harvested and transferred to PS I core and its photochemical reaction center by the set of inner and peripheral antennae. It is the matter of last few years that the fundamental progress regarding structural organization of PS I core has been achieved (some details of Synechocystis sp. PS I core structure were imaged at a resolution better than 0.14 nm); considerable progress has been reached concerning LHC I structure and functions as well. The goal of the review is to present a current awarness in the area of PS I holocomplex structural organization including functional aspects.
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