Volume: 37
Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2010

- 448 pages: 433

Breast cancer is one of the most often female cancers. From the last few years in Poland morbidity...

- 470 pages: 449

The plant hormone (phytohormone), auxin plays a crucial role in a wide variety of growth and...

Issue: 3

Date of issue: 2010

- 524 pages: 507

The nuclear envelope separates the nucleoplasm from the rest of the cell. It includes two lipid bilayers...

- 552 pages: 539

C-terminals of amino acid sequences that are homological to fibrinogen chains, together belong to family...

- 583 pages: 571

Glycans are structures involved in many immunological processes. They covers the surfaces of all cells...

- 597 pages: 585

MicroRNA (miRNA) is a group of small, 2123-nucleotide-long, non-encoding RNA particles, which in the...


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