Volume: 37
Issue: 1

Date of issue: 2010

- 239 pages: 225

Every human organ has its own capacity for self renewal due to progenitor cells of tissue reservoir. We...

- 269 pages: 253

Progress of research on stem cells including their genetic modifications allowed to obtain very...

Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2010

- 277 pages: 275


- 295 pages: 279

UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase is a common plant enzyme and plays a key role in many processes connected...

- 322 pages: 307

Endogenous estrogens play an important role in women's organism: they control menstrual cycle through...

- 341 pages: 323

Multidrug resistance is the main problem in anticancer therapy. Cancer cells use many defense strategies...

- 361 pages: 343

The RNA editing is one of the post-transcriptional modifications which prepare RNA for fulfilling its...

- 380 pages: 363

Formation of cells with a duplicated genome may be a consequence of endomitosis, incomplete mitosis or...


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