Volume: 38
Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2011

- 245 pages: 231

In this paper the current opinions on the structure and function of the lipid rafts heterogeneous,...

- 265 pages: 247

For a long time apoptosis has been considered the only type of programmed cell death responsible for the...

- 281 pages: 267

Endoparasitic sedentary nematodes infecting plant roots are an important problem of modern agriculture....

- 295 pages: 283

Immune cells infiltrate tumors and make up a significant component of the multicellular cancer...

- 312 pages: 297

The discovery and use of antibiotics to fight against bacterial infection have let to overrun many...

- 332 pages: 313

For decades the way of viewing of the cell membrane has changed considerably. At the beginning of the...

- 357 pages: 349

This paper illustrates elements of innate immunity, such as recently described natural T 2 cells (nT 2...

Issue: 3

Date of issue: 2011

- 393 pages: 379

The brain of adult animals, including humans, sustained the ability to create new glial cells and...


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