Oviduct specific glycoprotein 1 (OVGP1) also known as pOSP, MUC-9, sOP92, EAP, EGP and OGP, is produced by non-ciliated oviductal epithelium in many mammalian species. After its secretion to the oviductal fluid OVGP1 participates in the final gamete maturation, sperm capacitation, fertilization and supports early embryonic development. Secretion and expression of OVGP1 is regulated by steroid hormones and depends on the oestrus cycle. Molecular analysis of OVGP1 indicated that it is highly conserved at both amino acid and nucleotide levels.

Cellular differentiation in early development of the mouse

During the preimplantation period of mammalian development two morphogenetic events take place: compaction and cavitation. In consequence, mammalian blastocyst is composed of two cell lineages: trophectoderm and inner cell mass. These cell lineages differ in morphology as well as in their developmental fate. This review summarizes the current knowledge of the cellular and molecular mechanisms, that participate in early differentiation events during mammalian development.

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