Volume: 36
Supplement: 25

Date of issue: 2009

- 2 pages: 1

Ladies and Gentlemen,
We put at your hands Supplement Progress of Cell Biology , which is the...

- 7 pages: 3

Professor Maria J. Olszewska Her life and achievements of the scientific and academic

- 17 pages: 9

Interactions between higher plants and micro-organisms in natural ecosystems are among the most common...

- 31 pages: 19

Complete genomic sequences are a valuable source of new knowledge and open up new scientific horizons...

- 41 pages: 33

H1 histones in higher plants have all the typical characteristics of this class of chromatin structural...

- 68 pages: 59

Plant pathogenesis-related proteins in class 10 (PR- 10) have well-defined structures , but the...

- 83 pages: 69

Lipoxygenase enzymes are widely distributed in both the plants and animals. These enzymes catalyze the...

- 98 pages: 85

Bacterial cellulose is NanoBio - material with interesting properties , which determine its wide...

- 110 pages: 99

The life span of cells is limited and dying cells are replaced with new ones, differentiated cells...


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