Volume: 34
Issue: 4

Date of issue: 2007

- 634 pages: 623

Root border cells (RBC) formerly called dead sloughed root cap cells are live cells released to soil by...

- 649 pages: 635

The cell system that detoxificates organic xenobiotics comprises three stages. Each of them involves a...

- 667 pages: 651

Cell death is a genetically regulated process occurring commonly in nature. For decades cell death was...

- 682 pages: 669

Dendritic cells are one of the major populations of immune cells. Due to the presence of specific...

- 693 pages: 683

Ageing and diseases connected with ageing currently became very important social problem. Ageing...

- 713 pages: 695

Changes of sugar concentration often affect germination, plant growth, metabolic processes and the...

- 729 pages: 715

Fertilization of a mouse oocyte triggers oscillations of the concentration of free calcium ions in...

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