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Recent behavioural, anatomical and molecular studies brought a considerable progress in under- standing mechanisms of learning and memory. Several areas of brain associated with learning and memory as well as plethora of factors that can modify these processes were described. Behavioural studies revealed several angiotensin (Ang) peptides, including Ang II and Ang IV, to participate in learning and memory processes but responsible mechanisms are unclear. In vitro studies demonstrated that important parts of signalling from AT1 receptor are increases in activity of MAP kinases, transcriptional factors, and the synthesis of several proteins. Cognitive effects of Ang IV found in behavioural studies were subsequently confirmed by their association with several neurotransmitters and neuropeptides known to be involved in memory formation and glucose metabolism. This review discusses the participation of angiotensin receptors in the cognitive processes.
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Andrzej Łukaszyk - przewodniczący, Zofia Bielańska-Osuchowska, Szczepan Biliński, Mieczysław Chorąży, Aleksander Koj, Włodzimierz Korochoda, Leszek Kuźnicki, Aleksandra Stojałowska, Lech Wojtczak

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