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Triterpenoids are a very large group of compounds and are widely distributed in the plant . Because of the valuable properties ( insecticides, fungicides , antiviral , etc.) raises an increasing interest in the biosynthesis of efficient in vitro cultures . This article describes examples fitoekdysteroidów biosynthesis , steroid sapogenins and pięciocyklicznych , by cells of various plants held in different types of culture. So far, the dedifferentiated cells in vitro if fitoekdysteroidów biosynthetic pathway occurred in general , were less than the content of tissues in vivo, and only occasionally in the amounts of these compounds in vitro culture was higher (e.g., callus obtained from przedrośli fern Pteridium aquilinum ) . For the biosynthesis of digitoxin organogenesis was necessary , but in the case of other steroidal sapogenins ? derivative of diosgenin in callus tissue without signs of organogenesis observed much larger quantities. Similarly , different results were obtained with sapogenin pięciocyklicznych biosynthesis in vitro depending on the species of plant , the type of culture medium , the concentration of hormones and nutrients.
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Andrzej Łukaszyk - przewodniczący, Zofia Bielańska-Osuchowska, Szczepan Biliński, Mieczysław Chorąży, Aleksander Koj, Włodzimierz Korochoda, Leszek Kuźnicki, Aleksandra Stojałowska, Lech Wojtczak

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