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Dynamin and dynamin-related proteins (DRP) participate in many processes essential for normal function of the cells and organisms. They were found both in animals and plants. In Arabidopsis thaliana 16 different dynamin-related proteins were identified that are grouped into six subfamilies. DRP1 and soybean fragmoplastin participate in the cell plate formation during cytokinesis. Two mem- bers of DRP2 subfamily display domain structure similar to mammalian classical dynamins and may be involved in endocytosis and membrane recycling via clathrin-coated vesicles. Dynamin-related pro- teins that are elements of mitochondrial and chloroplast division machinery were identified in Arabidopsis and red algae Cyanidioschyzon merolae. These organelles that are remnants of free-living endosym- biotic prokaryotes initially divided by similar mechanisms based on FtsZ ring of prokaryotic origin, PD/ MD – of eukaryotic origin and dynamin ring. In the course of evolution this system was preserved only in chloroplasts and in mitochondria of lower eukaryotes like C. merolae. However, in mitochondria of animals, green plants and fungi the elements of prokaryotic mitochondrial machinery (FtsZ) were repla- ced by dynamin-like GTPases.
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