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Plant hormones are important in all aspects of plant growth and development , but the phenomenon of hormonal homeostasis is not fully understood. Conjugation of phytohormones is considered an important element of the mechanism responsible for the levels of these compounds in the cell. It is a process that occurs in all tested plants in response to environmental and physiological factors . Despite the prevalence and numerous conjugates , their location within cells and tissues , enzymatic synthesis and hydrolysis pathways , genes participating in them , and most of all physiological functions are not definitively established. Some conjugates of auxins , cytokinins, gibberellins and are considered up form from which the active hormones are released after hydrolysis. Conjugation also allows irreversible inactivation , transport, compartmentalization and protection against oxidative degradation . In this paper previous and presents the latest results of biochemical and genetic knowledge relevant to the metabolic changes which conjugates are subject to certain hormones , as well as determine their biological functions .
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