Focal Adhesion Kinase osteoblast biology

Focal Adhesion Kinase - FAK ( focal adhesion kinase) belongs to the group of non-receptor protein tyrosine kinases . It occurs in the cytoplasm of most cells , including osteoblasts. At the time of its activation , the interaction of integrin associated protein extracellular matrix call is incorporated into platelet adhesion . FAK kinase in the presence of these structures is closely related to a function that plays in cellular processes such as adhesion, migration, proliferation . FAK -deficient cells show a much slower growth and reduced mobility.

Key process transcription factors osteoblastogenesis

One of the key issues for understanding organogenesis is to understand the mechanisms underlying the differentiation of progenitor cells into specialized cells of various tissues. The development of molecular biology methods including transcriptomics and proteomics allows identification and knowledge of the role of various factors and mechanisms for regulating and / or affecting the genetic level to the process of differentiation, as well as to changes in the functioning of the already phenotypically mature cells.

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