Volume: 27
Supplement: 14

Date of issue: 2000

Supplement: 15

Date of issue: 2000

- 4 pages: 3
- 8 pages: 5

In the article a short description is given of genes involved in the development of neoplasia including...

- 44 pages: 9

General characteristics of apoptosis and mechanisms leading to activation of caspases and endonucleases...

- 56 pages: 45

In aging population growing up rapidly causes of cancers are observed. Lost of immunological answer...

- 78 pages: 57

Lipid metabolism plays a pivotal role in membrane biogenesis, synthesis of lipid second messengers and...

- 90 pages: 79

The article shows possibilities of improvement of cancer diagnosis based on general biological features...

- 120 pages: 91

Cancer immunotherapy is not a standard in clinical treatment of tumors, while first attempts were made...

- 132 pages: 121

In many vertebrates and invertebrates the development of the embryo depends on the proper, often...


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