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The problem of bone tissue augmentation within the jaws is particularly important in terms IMPLANTOLOGY prosthetic rehabilitation , in the absence of sufficient amount needed for bone fixation of dental implants . In recent years, tissue engineering has been proposed methodology allows for the reconstruction of the vertical and horizontal alveolar and alveolar parts of the jaws. The study was based on the observation of three months transplanted : 1 ) autologous bone marrow , 2 ) of fraction isolated from autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells with a limited number of stem cells (CD 34 ), and 3 ) platelet (PRP , platelet rich plasma ) . Transplants assumed in the bed of the removed bone cysts of the jaws. The support for these transplants were deproteinized bovine bone fragments Bio -Oss ( Geistlich ) . For a comparative analysis of the effect of these grafts used augmentacyjnego noninvasive mathematical analysis X-ray images around augmentowanej versus - contralateral control area . By using the algorithms of fractal analysis made ​​it possible to compare the degree of self- similarity and emerging structures in relation to existing structures . The amount of such ? Replicate itself ? can be assessed objectively using fractal analysis . Fractal analysis revealed clear differences in the reconstruction architecture trabeculae played using individual grafts , compared with normal contralateral bone area . The obtained results of the analysis indicate that the degree of complexity and structure emerging samopowtarzalności played trabeculae is closest to the correct bone structure , the structure of the reconstituted after the application of platelet . The biggest differences between the playing structure and the structure of normal occurred in the reconstruction after the application of autologous bone marrow , smaller differences were found after transplantation of bone marrow mononuclear cells containing a specific population of stem cells CD 34 It seems that in the process of bone regeneration ( GBR, guided bone regeneration ) is important to have active growth factors , primarily PDGF and others, such as BMPs , TGFs , IGF present in platelets and released in a short time . Stem -cell activation requires a longer time is likely to synthesis and secretion of tissue stimulators , paracrine , as well as perhaps the presence of other cells.

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