Volume: 38
Issue: 1

Date of issue: 2011

- 18 pages: 3

Extracellular nucleotides (eNTP) occur outside the cytoplasm in the extracellular matrix, were...

- 63 pages: 43

Neuropeptides produced in neuro-endocrine system are involved in many vital processes of insects the...

- 110 pages: 85

For many years mitochondria have been implicated in the process of carcinogenesis. At the beginning of...

- 128 pages: 111

Calcium is an ubiquitous, crucial second messenger, that plays an essential and versatile role in...

- 158 pages: 143

Lactadherin (also known as milk fat globule factor 8, MFG-F8) is a 47 kDa glycoprotein that was found in...

Issue: 2

Date of issue: 2011

- 230 pages: 219

Disorders in a unique type of posttranslational modification of a-dystroglycan lay at a background of a...


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