Volume: 31
Supplement: 22

Date of issue: 2004

- 4 pages: 3

Jubilee Professor Maria Olszewska

- 20 pages: 5

The article discusses the current views on the nature of centromeric chromatin formation neocentromerów...

- 22 pages: 21

Remarkable achievements of modern genomics in bringing the architecture and construction of complete...

- 56 pages: 43

Auxin signaling processes are the mechanism for the communication of information about resources ,...

- 66 pages: 57

Mammalian brain is protected against the ingress of ions and various substances circulating in the blood...

- 78 pages: 67

One of the immune surveillance mechanisms to protect the human body against the development of cancer is...

- 84 pages: 79

The early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer recurrence are the major priorities in future...

- 100 pages: 85

Proteins belonging to the family caveolin microdomains are major components of cell membranes called...

- 114 pages: 101

The size of the genome of angiosperms, although determined only for 1.4% of described species, is very...


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